Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coaching Woes

I've been spending most of winter free time (and then some) coaching JV Boys' basketball at Wood River High School, our local public school. What an experience! I started out this past June working the kids out at summer conditioning and open gyms, then took on a coaching role for summer tournaments. Then I accepted the position when they offered it offically. Well... to say the least, we're not winning too many games. The kids are pretty far behind in basic basketball skills. Very interesting battling a 5-7 year skill deficit! I think I'm teaching them how to work hard, regardless of how many W's we come home with. This is a resort area, where most of these kids didn't touch a basketball in an organized situation until they were 13. I love basketball and love coaching. If anything, this rollercoaster team is teaching me to be a better coach! Go Wolverines! :)