Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Heading Home for Christmas!

Daniel and I grew up 20 minutes from each other, so one would think it would be easy to make trips home... not so much though. Our home visits are few and far between for no good reason. We will be in our hometowns this Christmas. Daniel has been in Eatonville the past few days. He drove out with Timber this past weekend. Sounds like they're enjoying the down time and playing catchup with fam. I'll be heading out tomorrow for Elbe. Hopefully the Hailey airport doesn't get shut down due to weather! Looking forward to seeing my fam. My mom remodeled her house (the one I grew up in), and this will be my first peak at the progress! Exciting!

The boys, just before the took the open road...

The Lift- Tribute to Patrick Swayze

We're really good at lifts. Hate to brag, but it's true.
Just a little party trick we like throw out at large gatherings :)

The Blazer

The Blazer is my car. It has been passed on and on, and has landed in my lap. I LOVE The Blazer. It is a tank! Love driving it. The Blazer has had a rough fall and winter though. But... thanks to Daniel, she has new shoes, new drive belt, new pully, newly grounded lights, new fuel pump. I helped with the belt and pully, and replaced a headlight, a couple brake or tail lights, and the back window hydraulics. Just figured it was time to give her (and Daniel) a little shout out in hopes that I'll have a fantastic 2010 with The Blazer. :)