Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First Camping Trip of the Year!

We have moved. Found a cheaper place up the road about a mile from our old place. This new place is so great! It's super small and pretty rustic, but we're loving our little mountain chateau! In the midst of our moving angst, we decided to get the heck away from the piles of who-knows-what and go camping!

This is Matt and his dog Pete. They showed up late Saturday night. Matt and Daniel ski bummed in Utah together a few years back so it is always good when they get together. Matt just finished up Dental School and is now on a month long hiatus in the Mountain West. First stop, Ketchum/Sun Valley, ID. This camping trip may have convinced Matt to start his Dental practice here! :)

Oh ya... this is MY handywork. Cut up an old tent and attached it to the back of the truck. Then, threw our spare bedroom mattress from our old place in the bed of the truck, and wa-la! We have a perfect sleeping situation. Didn't get wet. Didn't have an achy back. Timber got to sleep with us. Can't ask for much more. I'm pretty proud of this... was dreaming it up for about 32 hours and it all fell into place in about 20 minutes. Perfect set up until we can get a canopy! :)


The boys and their dogs. Pete and Duke are well-trained hunting machines... Timber, he's just a little scrapper, but doesn't he look like an all-star!? :)

The Coach's massive mansion tent. At least it made for a good looking photo.
Good crew. Good times. Until next time!!!! Loves, L & D :)

Daniel Turns 28!

Daniel turned 28 on the 15th. He has been bogged down with studying for his trainer test so he didn't want to get off track by leaving town for the weekend. Instead we did afternoon scooners at Grumpies, Sushi on 2nd for dinner, and Liz-made chocolate mouse w/ strawberries washed down w/ mimosas for dessert.

And... I splurged and got him a used kayak!!!!! How happy is he!?!?


April held my birthday AND OUR MEXICO TRIP!!! Went with 2 pals from Idaho and met up with one of my old teammates. Our place was unreal (thanks, Shannon's dad!)!

I'm totally that person that takes pictures of sleepers :)

Kayaking on my birthday! I made everyone get up and do what I wanted to do on my birthday :)

And Daniel... being annoyingly good at kayaking... standard. :) Awesome action shot!

Feliz blah blah blah a ti... something like that. Birthday song on the beach!

On our way to dinner...

Daniel and I kicking A at smash ball... we own the record on sand and grass surfaces... BAM!

Kimmers and I practicing our surf technique. Kim was an awesome beginner. Me, not so much!

Crap... we lost!

The awesome band in Buccarias we stumbled upon. We made our mark at this bar... even made the "Wall of Fun!" (it really exists)

The gangs all here!
From left to right: Jeff & Kim (played bb with Kim at Fox), me & Daniel, Shannon & Beaver (our buddies that just moved back to the OC... LAME!)

Shannon & Beaver caught some red snapper and then talked the cook staff in to making some fresh ceviche for the group.

A lot of this went down, aka, doing nothing in the sun!


Oh ya... and this is a view from our deck look down onto our pool... Thanks again, Shannon's dad!

WOOO for making it home without Swine Flu!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's been a long time...

Wow! We are the worst bloggers EVER! So, our attempt at being better is updating you all on what is new with us! Some pics of a few this and thats...

We got a roommate! Eric left Indiana with everything in his car and showed up at our door. He's been a bit MIA the past few months chasing after a girl.

Timber riding middle... longing to go back to Missoula to hang out with Billy, Michelle, Nick & Sasha. We headed North back at the end of February to see family and friends. Only time out of the valley all winter.

Shaisy and I got new ink! LOVE IT!

I stopped in Portland on my way home for Easter and got to see Erin and Amy (2 of my best pals ever!) and this is Wes... Amy & Mike's 1 year old! I last saw him when he was 2 months old. A major negative about living far away from your roots...

My mom and Ladybug are 2 peas in a pod. It had been 7+ months since I last saw my mom, so this trip was so great.

Then Monica turned 30! And she had a themed party... it was Cholas! Yup... that's a few of us... we came rolling up to the bars in a Chrystler New Yorker. Nothing like going all out with theme night!

Well... this brings us to Mexico... stay tuned!