Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Redfish Sunday

This past weekend we went up to Redfish Lake. I love it up there. It is so gorgeous. Redfish Lake is outside of Stanley over Galena Pass, about an hour north of Ketchum. Coach, Moe & her dad, Daniel & I, and the pooches piled in with Coach's hunting boat in tow and headed up to the bakery for some yummy breakfast pre-beachtime. We found a perfect spot on the beach without too many people around us.
The dogs were obsessed with every stick. Duke has to always find the hugest log on the shore to play with. Then we throw the "sticks", Duke swims out and fetches it, and once Duke gets in shallow water Timber runs over and snatches it from him. Timber isn't much of a swimmer... it's sad. We're hopeful that one day he will be though.

The boys took care of the boat.
Smooches were had by all.

And we finalied the day by listening to some live bluegrass music and having the best pulled pork sandwich ever! All in all, a great little Sunday.

Until next time, Loves! L&D

Greatest Job Ever Sometimes!

My job is so great sometimes! Last week I got to take a group of teens on a river rafting trip up north on the south fork of the Payette River. How lucky am I !?!?! Got there by driving a mini-bus over the pass. The trip to the Payette River Company's headquarters was a little over 2 hours. That time framed allowed for about 157 "Are we there yets?" The kids were little hellions, but I love hellion kids so it was loads of fun. We only had to get the first aid kit out one time. It was a great "I told you so" moment because I had just been telling the 2 ring leaders to slow their rolls and one fell on some rocks at lunch and tore up his knee (he ended up being fine). The section of the river we took was called The Canyon. Got to experience about 15 class 3 and 4 rapids and even had to get out and tow our boats over the canyonesque shore to bypass five 7-20 foot waterfalls that created a rather dangerous section. The trip was so fabulous. I was in heaven on the river. So gorgeous! Don't have any pics of the actual trip sicne I don't have a waterproof camera (I need your camera, Shannon!) but here is a pre-launch pic of the group.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our new digs

Just a few new things going on around here...
Timber in the back of the truck with our NEW canopy!

Our new barbeque

Tomatoes coming in!

And our lettuce! Already have trimmed them and had some salads too!

Yum, broccoli!

4th of July Recap

Well, it came and now it is gone... but what a great weekend it was! Drew was here all weekend. By Friday night Drew considered himself a "townie."We spent A LOT of time at the Cellar Pub running game on the shuffle board table. We cruised the gallery walk. We took our bikes to the 4th of July parade. We played tons of horse shoes at Beaver's house. We caught a movie at the Magic Lantern. We took the lift up Baldy to see our beautiful valley from above. Pretty low key and nothing fancy... just did what the locals do and Drew seemed to love it. It was so great having an ol' pal around. One highlight is that we saw Dean! Dean from Gilmore Girls. Yup, he was playing Buck Hunter with some philly. :)

On top of Baldy... the beautiful Pioneers in the background

Pretty standard horseshoe form

At the parade

And how about having this guys job!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


4th of July weekend is almost here! I love the 4th of July! Last year I was in New York City with Darla watching the Yankees lose to Boston (which was amazing!) so this will be my first Sun Valley 4th! Our buddies (Shannon & Beaver) that moved away about 2 months ago will be here to visit. We're so excited to see them. Also, an old college friend (that used to sleep on my living room floor) is coming to visit! Drew still lives in the Portland area and this will be our first visual contact since I moved out here. Daniel and I are planning on taking Drew for some good hikes and bikes, possibly camping, but for sure going to the Rodeo and the 4th of July Parade. Should be a blast! Stay tuned for photos...

Other than the anticipation of a great weekend, we have some new things in our life.... While I was away coaching at a high school basketball tournament this past weekend, Daniel got us a little surprise! I came home to a new canopy on the truck! We've been keeping our eyes peeled for a canopy that we wouldn't have to buy brand new. It's been a bear trying to find one that fits our truck... but sure enough, Daniel did it! Timber was a little unsure about it at first, but he loves it now. It'll be so great for camping this summer, our road trip we're planning at the end of July, and during the winter, etc etc etc.

After nearly a solid month of rain, which was so endearing and reminded us of home sweet home, the sun is finally shining on a daily basis in Sun Valley. It's been great getting beautiful hikes in, especially since wild flowers are out in full bloom and the mountainsides are as green as ever before right now!

I'll come bearing photos next time! Until then... Happy 4th of July!
Loves, L&D