Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coaching Woes

I've been spending most of winter free time (and then some) coaching JV Boys' basketball at Wood River High School, our local public school. What an experience! I started out this past June working the kids out at summer conditioning and open gyms, then took on a coaching role for summer tournaments. Then I accepted the position when they offered it offically. Well... to say the least, we're not winning too many games. The kids are pretty far behind in basic basketball skills. Very interesting battling a 5-7 year skill deficit! I think I'm teaching them how to work hard, regardless of how many W's we come home with. This is a resort area, where most of these kids didn't touch a basketball in an organized situation until they were 13. I love basketball and love coaching. If anything, this rollercoaster team is teaching me to be a better coach! Go Wolverines! :)

On Payroll

Dan is working full time for ESS now. He wowed them for 6 months, so they were FORCED to hire him, even when Oakley (who owns them) was on a hiring freeze. Yay! Daniel works on the International Team as what I would call the "international concierge" even though is official title is "international associate." His co-workers are fantastic. He is quite lucky to have landed this gig. Hopefully there will be som traveling in his future. First stop is Vegas, next week.

The Holidays

We spent Christmas at home. It was so great to see everyone. We hope 2010 brings more family visits. We spent Christmas Eve at Daniel's parents'. Played holidays games and had lots of good laughs and great prizes and yummy snacks. I spent all of Christmas at my mom's. Reason, Emily, Yates, Daniel, and the dogs were all there for a scrumptious dinner. My mom and I took dog walks to the river every day. One of my favorite things ever. We couldn't stay for long because I had to get back for work and basketball. Over New Year's we went on a sleigh ride with our good friends Shannon and Beaver, who were in town from Cali, plus 10 others. We got out of hand (and should have been kicked out of the restaurant if you ask me!), but had a great time eating, drinking, and being merry. Daniel got me new snow shoes for Christmas, so of course we had to break those in too. Now we're back to the grind. It's been frigid and gorgeous here. Looking forward to a ski filled weekend & month!

Taking a break on our way back down Taylor's Canyon...

I snow shoed and broke trail. Daniel boot hiked... show off!

On the sleigh/wagon for family fun night equipped with hot totties

Exhausted boys after Christmas road trip.

Timber, fitting right in as a hobo dog in Elbe

This is where I come from! :)

Mamma Clark!

Mom and Ladybug. yes... Ladybug wears sweaters, and she LOVES them. Weird dog.

Weird! Julie spoiling the dogs! Timber always has to go on diets when he comes back from Grandma's house!

Fun Glasses
(Nice chew, Daniel!)

Family game night on Christmas Eve.
Jan is freakishly good at games!