Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I organized a Valentine's Day "Amazing Race" around Ketchum. Needless to say, Daniel got hozed into helping me with one of the stations I set up. Here he is operating the Limbo station. Participants got a riddle-ish clue that they had to guess what business it was leading them to. Once they arrived at the correct location they had an activity awaiting them. Limbo-ing with cross country skis on was this one. Also had spam sandwich eating, schooner chugging, bowling, etc. It was a great event!

Moe & Coach got second place!

The day after Valentine's Day, Daniel decided that we should go on a beginner touring hill... I've never skinned or powder ski-ed. It was a doozy!

Timber & Daniel w/ beautiful Baldy in the background. The short skin up was great! But the way down... not so much.

And... fall #1. Timber is kicking my butt down the hill... it's not even a mountain, it's a hill!

Fall #2. Thanks for coming back to help Timber.

And... fall #3 in midturn.

After my last fall 40 feet from the car, I decided screw it and just walked down with skis in hand.
Definitely need to work on my turns in ungroomed snow!
I was mad, to say the least, at how bad I was at this! But... With LOTS of practice I'll master it!

Timber getting rad touring back country with Daniel.

Daniel FINALLY went cross country skiing with me! He classic-ed this day so he still needs to strap on the skates for the ultimate cardio. It was the perfect snowy day on the trails though.

Me getting artsy a day on the hill by myself
Then I face planted into my pole... nice one, Clark!

Danna & I after our 2 hour sunrise summit of Baldy... best way to start a weekend

I'm picking up skate skiing. I scored the cheapest and oldest pair of skates, boots, and poles for 20 bucks and I'm loving it!

On a roll at this point, but...

I have to take breaks every 40 yards! This is tiring stuff!